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S&R Egg Farms PackCheckPlus

S&R Egg Farms aims for excellence with Ovotrack

Excellence is what S&R is aiming for in every aspect of their business. Traceability and inventory management are no exception to that. Ever since the first installation, Ovotrack and S&R have been cooperating to become better and more efficient. E.g. the integration of their PackCheckPlus.

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Pocket PC Emsland Bruterei

On Farm Scanning (part 1): Emsland Brüterei 

Ovotrack On Farm Scanning, is used to receive eggs remotely from farms. On Farm Scanning application can be used in different ways and for multiple goals. In this article (part 1) we will zoom in on Emsland Brüterei and how to realize real time stock control of hatching eggs at all farms and trucks.

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If you are planning to attend an industry event or exhibition, we would be delighted to meet with you. Over the coming months we will be either exhibiting, supporting our dealer or visiting the following events.


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Aeros a CULTURA company

Smooth integration of Aeros and Ovotrack supports US customers

Aeros and Ovotrack have build a solid interface which synchronizes base data about vendors, flocks, housing systems, customers and items into Ovotrack. Kreher’s Family Farms is one of the companies that went live with the Aeros – Ovotrack connection recently. 

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Ovotrack 4 and Ovocloud

Introduction: Ovotrack 4 and Ovocloud

Egg graders and processors experience an increasing number of audits, more recalls, higher retailer demands and shorter order lead time. Meanwhile, technology keeps evolving at a quicker pace, especially in IT and requirements for web-based solutions .

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Granja Campomayor building news item

Granja Campomayor in full control using Ovotrack 

The Ovotrack Solution at Granja Campomayor is a very comprehensive, as they almost use every single module Ovotrack offers. Ovotrack helps them to get insight in their farms and of course traceability. 

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