Ovotrack. Information systems for the egg grading and egg processing industry.
Ovotrack develops and implements traceability solutions at egg processing centers offering full traceability, labelling and stock control of eggs and egg packaging material.

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Full traceability from farm to consumer

Over the last decade, transparency and traceability of food, including eggs, has become vital. Since 2005, traceability of eggs from the egg producer until the consumer’s kitchen or the food industry that is using eggs as ingredients, is mandatory under the European Food Law.

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Unique barcode is scanned at the farm

The egg producer puts a label with a unique barcode on every pallet or trolley of ungraded eggs.
The driver that collect the eggs, can scan this barcode with a handheld scanner during loading or whilst unloading eggs at the egg packing center.

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Collecting grading results from grading machine

In the egg packing center, each batch of ungraded eggs is graded on quality, size and weight with an egg grading machine.

The Ovotrack software can gather, group and report these grading results.

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Keeping traceability with Ovotrack software

As part of the Ovotrack solution, outer packs with graded eggs will get unique barcodes.
These barcodes are stored in the Ovotrack database with information about the source of the eggs as well as their destination.

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Two directions: tracing back and tracking forward

The consumer that buys eggs at the retail shop can check the originating farm and the age of eggs. The egg packing center knows to which retailers or customers the other eggs of that same farm and date of lay have been sent.

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Ovotrack; developed in an egg packing center

Job and Henk Beekhuis, the founding fathers and current owners of Ovotrack, grew up in the egg industry.

The Ovotrack solution has been developed in their family’s egg packing center in The Netherlands.

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