On Farm Scanning (part 2) – Chippindale Foods

On Farm Scanning (part 2): Chippindale Foods

No waiting time for truck drivers

On Farm Scanning in practice
As every single customer is unique, the On Farm Scanning application can be used in different ways and for multiple goals. In this series of news article we want to show you how three different customers are using the On Farm Scanning application in different ways. In the previous edition, we dived into the process of Emsland Brüeterei and their benefit of having real-time stock control of hatching eggs at all farms and trucks.

In this edition (part 2) we will give more insight in the process of Chippindale Foods. One of their benefits of using Ovotrack On Farm Scanning is to reduce the waiting time of truck drivers when delivering eggs at the grading center.

Registering eggs at the farm by the truck drivers
Chippindale Foods handles more than six million eggs a week and supplies retailers and service outlets all over the country.

When Chippindale Foods started using Ovotrack, incoming pallets were registered at the receiving door. Farm labels were scanned in with the Ovotrack hand scanner. Because many trucks are delivering ungraded eggs, trucks were waiting for each other during unloading the truck. To reduce time during the receive process in their production, Chippindale Foods wanted to move the pallet registration process to the farm.
All truck drivers have their own Ovotrack pocket PC which is connected to the Ovotrack Database at Chippindale Foods. In the office, unique farm labels are being printed for each farm. The farmer puts one farm label on each full pallet with ungraded eggs and writes down information, such as date of lay and quantity of eggs. When the truck driver is collecting the pallets, the farm labels are scanned. The pocket PC will show the farm information and all handwritten information can be entered in the pocket PC and connected to the pallet by the truck driver. 

When all pallets are scanned, the truck driver delivers the pallets to the grading plant. Now only the pallet labels need to be scanned again to update the stock location of the ungraded eggs, without any registrations.

Benefits for Chippindale Foods:

  • Insight in ungraded eggs that are coming to the grading plant.
  • Time savings at the receive door of the grading plant.
  • No waiting time for truck drivers when delivering ungraded eggs.
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