About us Ovotrack Stemped Eggs

About us

About us Ovotrack Stemped Eggs

Ovotrack - The company

Global market leader in traceability systems for the egg industry. To date, over 100 Ovotrack Solutions have been successfully implemented at egg grading and processing centers worldwide. 

Ovotrack has its origins in the Beekhuis family's former egg packing center in Leersum, The Netherlands. Following several food safety crises, stringent regulations were introduced in the areas of egg origin and destination tracking. Customer requirements for case an pallet labeling were also becoming more demanding. 

Brothers Job Beekhuis, Managing Director of Ovotrack, and Henk Beekhuis, Technical Director decided to develop an information system that would resolve all these issues. When tracking and tracing eggs became mandatory in Europe with the implementation of the European Food Law in 2005, Job and Henk started Ovotrack and began marketing their solution. 

The 'General Food Law'

Food safety and traceability are vital to egg packing centers. Egg quality systems, like IKB, KAT, Lion Code or USDA require full traceability. And in Europe the General Food Law (EU-regulation 178/2002) made traceability systems and procedures mandatory for all companies in food and food processing.

Traceability eggs

Traceability of eggs goes in two directions. In most countries, the code of the originating farm is stamped or printed on each egg, so that the consumer can see where the egg was produced - tracing back. Tracking forward is much more complicated; to which customer did we send the eggs of a particular egg producer, house, flock and date of lay. This is even more difficult because eggs are often initially packed for stock and only get their final destination in the warehouse of finished goods after the sales order arrives.

In case of a product recall, your customer doesn't want to base this recall on the code that is stamped on the eggs. Your customer just wants you to tell him which pallet he or she should recall.

For this reason, outer cases and pallets require a unique barcode which should tell the origin of the eggs that are in this particular case or pallet. Ovotrack offers you the solution. The Ovotrack Solution can be used as stand-alone but often Ovotrack is connected to, or integrated with, an existing ERP or invoicing solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics, Great Plains, Sage, Exchequer, NetSuite and many others.

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The Ovotrack Solution

Efficiency, accuracy, food safety and traceability are essential to the egg industry. Ovotrack offers a modular traceability solution for the egg grading and egg processing industry. Depending on your requirements and potential benefits it can be implemented in full or in stages. Our system not only supports compliance with increasingly stringent legislation and customer demands, but also allows you to boost productivity, reduce errors and cut costs. An integrated report designer offers a range of options to present your management information. 


How we work 

Requirements analysis: We map your process and discuss your needs. 

Advice: Our knowledge and experience ensures a solution that offers you the most benefits. 

Project plan: We manage and monitor every step from concept to final delivery and, if required, take care of on-site preparations for implementation. 

Database and label preparation: Before system implementation, the database is installed on your server or in the cloud. You can start entering base data and prepare, for example, ERP systems synchronization and label design.

On-site installation and implementation: Our Customer Support Specialists install the hardware and connect it to the LAN and, depending on the solution and your requirements, to the grading machine or breaker, scales, cae packers and egg quality devices. After that, the system is set up. 

Integration Service: Integration of software (ERP) systems and/or connecting multiple locations. 

Training: Our Customer Support Specialists train your staff and help start up the system.

Reporting: Our Customer Support Specialists adjust reports in the integrated report designer to your needs.

Support: Our Customer Support Specialists offer helpdesk support and, if necesarry, are able to take over Ovotrack PC's to assist users and operators real-time, wherever they are. Software updates, label and report design are part of our support offerings. 


Strategic alliance Ovotrack and Sanovo 

After working together successfully for years SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP and Ovotrack BV partnered on a strategic investment since May 2020.

With this strategic cooperation we utilize the many synergies in this collaboration to the benefit of our customers, while keeping our independent position in the market. 



Ovotrack is growing! And we are regularly looking for new colleagues to strengthen our dedicated and growing team.

Do you have any questions regarding job openings at Ovotrack? Please contact Judith Schoorlemmer, from HR. You can reach her at judith@ovotrack.nl.