Printing Labels End of Lane

End of Lane

To maintain traceability and inventory control of graded eggs, outer cases must be labeled with a unique ID. Ovotrack End of Lane consists of an Ovotrack PC, button boxes at the end of each packing lanes and label printers on top of the button boxes.

There are several ways to set up Ovotrack End of Lane software. Products can be selected manually but it's also possible to send sales- or production orders to the software automatically or by scanning these orders from a list. Furthermore, Ovotrack End of Lane can be setup via the grading machine.

By setting up the correct product, sales or production order for a packing lane, the lay-out of a label is also set, as well as other data to be printed on the label.

Whenever a case, box or pallet is completely packed, the operator will push the button for that packing lane and a label is printed with the correct lay-out and a unique ID, both in text and in barcode.

The unique ID as well as the origin of the eggs in this product are now stored in the Ovotrack Database.

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