Ontvangst gesorteerde eieren Receive Graded eggs

To complete traceability, the products that are graded for stock have to be connected to sales orders at the dispatch department before loading the trucks and shipping the eggs to the customer. For this reason an Ovotrack PC with one or more wireless scanners can be installed at the dispatch department. On the dispatch computer a label printer is connected for printing new labels if needed.

Furthermore, a laser printer is needed to print the load lists or pick lists with barcodes. With the wireless scanners the barcode on the picklist will be scanned first and after that the barcodes of the outer cases or complete pallets must be scanned. The system will check whether the correct product is scanned and the best-before or sell-by date will be checked as well.

After connecting products to sales orders at dispatch, a delivery note or a bill of lading can be generated and the data can be forwarded to the ERP system for invoicing.

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