Saving costs with inventory management using Ovotrack

Saving costs with inventory management using Ovotrack

Inventory of ungraded eggs

Imagine the cost savings you will have when you are able to improve your production planning with help of better inventory management. If you have a real-time overview of your ungraded eggs, packaging materials and finished products, you will have big advantages during production.

You probably already know that Ovotrack offers full traceability and labelling solutions for egg grading and egg processing. But there are much more benefits for your operation, using Ovotrack. Inventory management is one of those benefits that could bring you advantages, such as cost savings and better production planning.

When using Ovotrack in your plant, the system follows your goods during the complete process. This includes aspects such as controlling and overseeing purchases from your suppliers, maintaining the storage of your stock, telling you which eggs need to be graded or processed first, controlling the quantity of finished products and having a real-time overview of order status.

Of course, inventory management for your company will be based on how your process looks like and tailored to your specific situation with following high-profile Ovotrack modules, such as:

On Farm Scanning
With handhelds or pocket PC’s, Ovotrack Farm Labels can be scanned at the farm. When these labels are scanned, the Ovotrack system will give you an overview of how many eggs are ready for pick up or on their way to the production facility.

When ungraded eggs are being delivered at the production facility, the barcodes of the Ovotrack Farm Labels will be scanned at the door. By scanning these labels, the Ovotrack system knows automatically how many eggs are being received, from which supplier, farm and/or shed and on what day they have been laid. During this process, extra information can be entered and even a weighing scale can be connected to Ovotrack.

New Pocket PCs

Apart from eggs, packaging materials can also be traced. When packaging is being received at your facility, a label can be printed for each pallet of packaging material.  And these packaging labels will be scanned when the packaging is used in production.

When eggs are being taken from storage and placed on the loader of the grader or processing machine, the Farm Label that has been scanned during Receive will be scanned again. Next to sending all batch information to the machine for Grading and Traceability Results, the inventory also will be updated.

End of Lane
When graded eggs are being packed, a unique label for each case or pallet will be printed. During this labelling process, Ovotrack maintains traceability but the system will also give you 100% inventory control of finished products. Ovotrack is also able to give you an overview of the status of an order that is being packed.

Stock Locations
Various stock locations and/or sections can be set up in Ovotrack. This means products can be connected to a specific location and Ovotrack will give you an overview of all products in each specific location or section in your facility.

End of Lane Alderfer

To complete inventory control, finished products need to be connected to an order in the dispatch department. When finished products are being scanned, the inventory in the Ovotrack system will be updated automatically.

So Ovotrack maintains full inventory control during your process, but Ovotrack is also able to generate reports automatically on a daily or weekly basis and make them available where and when you want to have them. This is being done with help of Ovotrack Task Scheduler. Read more about its benefits in the news item we have placed earlier.

Would you like to see how Ovotrack can give a 100% inventory control in your facility? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will tell you how it will work in your specific situation.