Traceability and stock control of packaging with Ovotrack

Traceability and stock control of packaging with Ovotrack

Ovotrack Packaging is tracing packaging material in the same way as Ovotrack is doing with (ungraded) eggs. On top of traceability, this module also brings stock control of packaging material in the warehouse.

How does it work?

The process starts with Packaging Purchase Orders. These orders can be entered when the order is placed, when the truck arrives or automatically, through a connection with your ERP system or accountancy program. During receive, the type of packaging can be selected and batch information, such as original traceability codes of the packaging supplier can be entered on an Ovotrack PC. It is also possible to scan the supplier barcode in order to connect the information to the batch in Ovotrack.

An Ovotrack label for each pallet with packaging material will be printed after information is entered. At this moment Ovotrack exactly knows the quantity of each type of packaging material in the warehouse.

When an operator takes a pallet with packaging material to use it in the grader room, the Ovotrack Packaging label is being scanned to update the Ovotrack system. Ovotrack connects the batch information of the packaging material to the products that are being processed on the grader and stores all information in the Database.

Ovotrack Packaging is an additional module and most of the time, it can be installed on an existing Ovotrack PC.

When Ovotrack Task Scheduler is installed as well, Ovotrack can automatically send stock overviews of all packaging types to the correct person. It is also possible to give a warning when a type of packaging is running out of stock, in order to order new packaging material before it is too late.


  • Traceability of packaging material
  • Automatic stock control of all packaging
  • Warning when running out of stock
  • Time savings because of no more manual counting of all packaging in the warehouse



Would you like to know how Ovotrack Packaging can be implemented in your operation? Please contact one of our colleagues! You can also send us a message using the chat function in the lower right corner of the screen!