Ovotrack introduces new pocket PCs

New pocket PCs

Ovotrack On Farm Scanning is used to receive eggs remotely from farms. The solution uses mobile pocket PC’s which can be used by your truck drivers or farmers. Armed with the pocket PC, your drivers will be able to scan the pallet labels directly at the farm during pickup. Or a farmer can scan a pallet after farm packing. By scanning the pallet labels at the farm, you will know the actual stock position at a farm, and you will know what is coming your way so that you can plan ahead accordingly.

Over the past few months, Ovotrack has been redeveloping the On Farm Scanning solution for new devices. We have decided to replace our existing Windows CE Pocket PC’s with Android Pocket PC’s.

New devices

This new Android device enables Ovotrack to apply the most modern techniques to our solution but more importantly it offers significant improvements in user experience; it is faster and easier to use. Also, this new device makes support more accessible. So our support engineers will be able to tend to your wishes and needs.

How it works

Whenever your driver arrives at the farm to collect pallets, he/she will be able to scan the Farm label on the pallet and enter the correct quantity of class A and class B (seconds or cracks) eggs. If applicable, a weight can be entered if a scale is present. When the driver or farmer finishes scanning the pallet, he/she will then digitally move that pallet to a different stock location e.g. ‘’farm stock, truck or lorry’’. At the plant, the operator will be able to pull up a report of all pallets for that stock location and consequently will know what to plan ahead for.

The On Farm Scanning solution also can be used for delivery of ungraded eggs, for example when a driver brings the eggs straight from the farm to another egg grading or egg processing plant.

The pocket PC works via wireless communication, either through mobile network or Wi-Fi.

Mobile 3G or higher

If mobile internet connection is possible in your area (and sufficient), you are able to fit the pocket PC with a SIM-card. With a SIM-card, the pocket PC will always be able to connect to your Ovotrack database in the packing station. The advantage is that with a connection between your Pocket PC and the Ovotrack Database at your plant, you are always up-to-date on any deliveries of eggs coming your way because the data on the pocket PC is sent to the Ovotrack database instantly.

Via Wi-Fi

If a mobile connection is not possible, a connection via Wi-Fi can be made. Although you will not be able to link the pocket PC via remote connection directly to the Ovotrack database on your premises, the pocket PC will transfer its data whenever it is in range of your company Wi-Fi connection. Alternatively, the pocket PC can also use the Wi-Fi on the farm, if available.

Would you like to know more about our new pocket PCs and how it could improve your business? Do not hesitate to contact us. You can also send us a chat message via the plugin in the lower right corner of our website.