Case Study: Tamarix Poultry Farm in Australia labels cases with Ovotrack

Tamarix Poultry Farm in Australia labels cases with Ovotrack

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Importance of traceability and automation such as labelling and stock control in the egg industry in Australia has increased over the last few years. Because of this trend, Ovotrack has been working hard to set foot in the Australian egg industry. During this period, quite an impressive number of Australian egg packing centers have shown their trust in Ovotrack and became customer. One of these customers is Tamarix Poultry Farm in Bangholme, near Melbourne.

Timothy Sutton, Plant Manager at Tamarix Poultry Farm tells us about their motive for working with Ovotrack: “We grade eggs inline and we have 4 sheds. Almost all our products are packed into outer cases and delivered by our own vans and truck.

He continues: "When we were considering to implement Ovotrack, we were also in the process of improving our ERP system with inventory management software. We wanted to be able to scan the cases of eggs out of our inventory system when delivering them at our customers. To reach this goal, we decided to purchase the Ovotrack labelling module, called Ovotrack End of Lane.”

Tamarix labels cases with Ovotrack

Tim Veldkamp, project manager at Ovotrack and responsible for the implementation of this solution at Tamarix Poultry Farm tells us about the process: “ When Tamarix starts running production, they assign products to a lane on the Moba grader and the Ovotrack system automatically changes the label so it corresponds with the product running on the machine. Every time an operator finishes packing a outer case with egg cartons, they print a label and stick it onto the outer case. When these finished products are conveyed to the warehouse for storage, they are entered into Tamarix’s inventory management system. This way, Tamarix Poultry Farm always knows their current state of inventory."

“We get the best of both worlds by combining Ovotrack with our current inventory system”

Timothy Sutton adds on: “We really like the integration of Ovotrack with our inventory management software. Instead of choosing for one system for our entire operation, we are happy to have chosen two different systems, that are best of breed. This way, we get the best of both worlds by using Ovotrack for our labelling and our current inventory management software for our inventory management. Lastly, I would like to add that it was a pleasure to deal with the implementation team at Ovotrack and the process was seamless.”

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