Ovotrack introduces new module Breaker Batches

Ovotrack and SANOVO introduce new software module for the egg processing industry: Ovotrack Breaker Batches

Ovotrack introduces Breaker Batches

For the first time since the start of their cooperation in May 2020, SANOVO and Ovotrack developed a new solution for the egg processing / breaking industry: Ovotrack Breaker Batches. Ovotrack Breaker Batches automates batch changes on the breaking machine without downtime, while providing accurate and detailed, batch specific breaking results.

The new Ovotrack solution also informs you with valuable business information that you can use to your advantage. For example, information like whole eggs %, lost egg % (i.e. “Category 3”), and average no. of eggs per hour per batch is available instantly at the click of a button. Not only will it help you analyze the quality of eggs, but also help you decide which eggs to use for specific productions runs.

The way it works is as follows: the operator at the loader of the breaking machine scans the supplier label that is on the pallet of incoming eggs. When this label is scanned into the Ovotrack PC, the IP code on that label is linked to a SANOVO RFID-egg. When this metal and plastic RFID egg passes the batch change location – often positioned right before the carrousel of the loader – the breaker gets a signal that a new batch is coming. The information of that specific batch is then loaded into the breaking machine. The breaking results are then linked to the batch and the information is available for reporting and analyzing. Click on the video to see the solution running!

Ovotrack Breaker Batches is available for all new Optibreakers as well as for existing Optibreaker machines from SANOVO. Breaker Batches comes in two variants: Generic Batches and Supplier Batches. Generic Batches works on basis of preprogrammed batches - e.g. one batch in the morning and one batch in the evening. While Supplier Batches creates a different batch for each different supplier.

Are you interested in this new module for egg processing? Please contact us by sending an e-mail to info@ovotrack.nl and we will get back to you as soon as we can. You can also quickly contact us by sending us a message on our chat in the lower right corner of our website! We will reply within 2 minutes time! On our website, you can now also find all other modules that Ovotrack offers to the egg processing industry. Visit this page to see all egg processing modules.