The egg industry has increasingly turned to plastic sustainable egg transportation material (reusables), plastic pallets, trays, dividers, crates and pallecons, like the Eggs Cargo System from Gi-Ovo. Reusables are more environmentally friendly but reusables are expensive and it requires a registration system to keep track of your investment. This registration is mostly done manually which requires time and is not very accurate.

Ovotrack offers THE solution with the new software module: Ovotrack Reusables. Ovotrack Reusables helps you to automate registering your materials, in a non time-consuming way. You can register incoming and
outgoing reusables, it provides insight in where they are and shows you when to restock the farms.

Real-time insight of your reusables helps you to make the most accurate planning. This is especially beneficial as the industry is facing skyrocketing transportation costs and limited truck availability. It also gives insight in the  hygienic status and provides an overview of damaged goods. 
Reusables can be registered, online as well as offline, in the production center or at the farm, by scanning with a pocket PC. Among all software solutions for registering reusables, Ovotrack Reusables is the most user-friendly and integrated solution. As global market leader, Ovotrack has the biggest knowledge of the complete process within the egg industry. Ovotrack Reusables integrates easily into the existing Ovotrack Solution, however it can also be used stand-alone.

Benefits of Ovotrack Reusables

Real-time insight in your reusables
Ovotrack Reusables gives you real-time insight in your stock, on- and off-premises.

Insight in the quality status
With Ovotrack Reusables you get insight in the quantity of damaged goods and when they need to be replaced.


Accurate planning of reusables
With real-time insight you will know exactly when farms need to be restocked, to make the most efficient and accurate planning. This will help to reduce labor and transportation cost.


Insight in all your reusables
With Ovotrack Reusables you can keep track of different kinds of reusables like plastic pallets, trays, dividers, crates and pallecons


Keep record of hygenic status
With the use of reusables, hygiene is becoming more and more important. Materials are being send to various farms and cross contamination needs to be avoided. With Ovotrack Reusables you get insight in the
hygienic status of your reusables


RFID technology (optional)
Built-in RFID technology, like the Eggs Cargo System from Gi-Ovo, allows for traceability and transparency, giving an even more accurate view into where specific reusables are located.

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