Corona virus: impact for Ovotrack

Corona virus: impact for Ovotrack

Corona virus 2019

The corona virus has a big impact on our daily lives, loved ones and business. We are writing this item because several things in our day-to-day operation will change due to the outbreak. 

Ovotrack adheres to the guidelines published by the Dutch National Health Agency, therefore we are not able to physically visit customers on-site. This means that all installation visits abroad in the near future will be postponed. Visits to customers in The Netherlands will continue unless the situation changes. Although Ovotrack will not be present physically, we are always reachable remotely. At the Ovotrack HQ one person will always be available, the rest of the Ovotrack team works from home; so there will always be someone to answer your call.

Demand from retailers has increased significantly. Most of our customers are busier than ever and we do whatever is needed to support them. Please feel free to contact us at all times. You can also use the chat function on the website to talk to one of our employees.

Please stay safe, take care of yourself and the others around you.