Automatic reporting with Ovotrack Task Scheduler

Automatic reporting with Ovotrack Task scheduler

Ovotrack Task Scheduler

With the Ovotrack reporting engine, information from your Ovotrack database can be presented any way you want. Whether you prefer a weekly overview of received eggs, an analysis of the grading results for eacht egg type, or a real-time stock report of your packaging material, Ovotrack reporting shows this information however you like.

Ovotrack Task Scheduler adds to this powerful proposition by offering the option to have reports presented at any scheduled moment. Within Ovotrack Task Scheduler, you can select any report and have it e-mailed, printed or stored in a folder at a set time. Would you like to wake up to an e-mail listing your inventory of ungraded eggs? Task Scheduler can take care of that.

Does your quality manager require a hard copy of a list of all graded eggs? Task Scheduler can print this directly from their office printer.

The number of tasks you can enter into Task Manager is unlimited. Interested? Apply for more information!