Case study Wulro & DEPS

Wulro and DEPS: tracking & tracing in egg processing plants

Wulro & DEPS

The Wulms family began producing and trading eggs 135 years ago. Generations of experience has resulted in one of the world's most modern egg processing plants. Or to be more precise: two plants, located right beside each other in Weert, The Netherlands. 

Just two years ago, a brand new egg powdering plant was build next to the Wulro Egg breaking and pasteurizing plant. The 'Dutch Egg Powder Solutions (DEPS)' factory produces egg powder from egg liquid produced in the plant next door. 

'Traceability is key to Wulro and DEPS'

Traceability is key to Wulro and DEPS. That's why they already decided to implement Ovotrack solutions 10 years ago. Each pallet of processing eggs, each pallecon with egg liquid and every case with egg powder is identified by a unique barcode, which contains traceability information. 

Marcel Wulms, one of the owners of Wulro and DEPS, says: 'we process eggs from different suppliers and our customers each have different requirements for the products we make for them. For every delivery, we know which eggs have been used, when they were processed and what ingredients were added to prepare the final product'.


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However, traceability is not the only benefit of the Ovotrack solution for Wulro and DEPS. Marcel Wulms continues: 'We want to keep our process as efficient as possible. For this reason, we invest extensively in automation. Take the Ovotrack print- and apply systems, for example: we use these for labeling our bag-in-box products and our cases of egg powder'. Last but not least, the Ovotrack system at Wulro and DEPS takes care of the inventory management of eggs and egg products. 'At any time of the day we will want to know exactly how many eggs we have in stock, grouped by egg type, including their age and exact weight. We also want to know our stock of finished products. Ovotrack ticks all these boxes for us, which makes it a very beneficial tool'. Marcel Wulms concludes. 

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