Eggs Cargo Identifier

Eggs Cargo Identifier (ECI)

In case of automatic depalletising at the loader of the grading machine there are no operators at the loader of a grading machine to operate a batch change. Especially with the introduction of the Eggs Cargo Concept automatic depalletizing becomes more and more interesting for egg packing centres. Ovotrack BV and Twinpack therefore developed the Eggs Cargo Identifier or ECI. This is a patented plastic tag with a unique barcode that can be clicked on the top corner of the pallet.

At the batch change position on the loader of the grading machine a fixed scanner is installed in order to read the barcode of the ECI tag and to activate the shift from one supplier to another. After the batch change, the ECI tag uses existing dirt tray detection systems on the grading machine to take them back from the trays..

Also in manual operations, this is more reliable than the current procedure where people have to push a button or pull out a flag on the correct moment of batch change.

Ovotrack ECI is an extension of Ovotrack Loader and consists of Ovotrack software, a fixed scanner and a number of ECI tags.