Gotlandsägg AB in full control with Ovotrack

Gotlandsägg AB in full control with Ovotrack

Gotlandsägg AB has over 30 years of experience in the egg industry and nowadays hundreds of millions of eggs leave the facility every year. They deliver their eggs to large parts of Sweden as well as neighboring countries, to market leading food store chains, packaged as their own private label. In order to qualify as a private label supplier, the company is required to be at the forefront of consumer insight and product development and act as a strategic partner of the retailer.

Gotlandsägg AB eggs are 100% free range, both conventionally and organically (KRAV) produced. With the Moba Omnia FT 330 and the recently installed Moba Omnia FT 125 they can sort 165 000 eggs per hour.

Gotlandsägg AB has two grading locations. As it is close to many of their producers and clients, the main egg packing center is in Ruda (Småland). In this location Ovotrack was implemented in 2018 which made Gotlandsägg AB the first Ovotrack user in Sweden. Recently they invested in a new grading machine, a Moba Omnia FT 125, for their facility in Stenkyrka, Gotland, and there was no doubt they also wanted Ovotrack for this facility.

As with two grading locations, the physical distance between the main grading center and the head office it required a lot of communication. Also keeping record manually, there is always the risk of human errors. By using Ovotrack they have limited these risks and improved and automated their communication. Besides Gotlandsägg AB now have their grading results available at any time, in any place.

“We have two packing stations and a lot of different premium eggs; several types of barn eggs, free range eggs and organic eggs. To run this business, we need to be in full control and  know exactly what we have in stock. By using Ovotrack we can,  it’s easy and automated.”

Magnus Bolin, CEO Gotlandsägg AB

At both locations Ovotrack is implemented for labelling the ungraded eggs, scanning at receive, stock locations, scanning at the loader and grading results.

By using Ovotrack Farm Label Printing each pallet with ungraded eggs gets a unique label which is scanned during unloading the truck. Each label contains the required information that we already know upfront, such as name, address and registration number of the flock. Furthermore, each label contains a unique ID, in text as well as in barcode.

Gotlandsägg AB now has a complete overview of their inventory of ungraded eggs. They know exactly what they have at each location in terms of what kind of eggs, the number and the laying date.

Interested to know more about the Ovotrack Solution at Gotlandsägg AB or would you like to see Ovotrack in real life? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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