Speedlabel Pro

Speedlabel Pro

Instead of manual label printing, Ovotrack offers a fully automated solution for printing and applying case labels with a Speed Label Pro system on the case conveyor.

Labeling of the cases will be done with an Ovotrack Speed Label Pro system on the case conveyor, which will be able to:

    • Identify a product with a vision system that scans the carton graphics.
    • Print- and apply each case on front and/or side.
    • Reject any unidentified product.
    • Up to 1.800 products per hour.

For each product and/or customer, a unique label can be designed, in case product labels, case labels or pallet labels are required. Label design is fully up to you, but each label at least contains an EPC number = unique Ovotrack ID in text and barcode.

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