Connecting Ovotrack to your grading machine to collect grading results

Connecting Ovotrack to your grading machine -1- to collect grading results

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For most Ovotrack customers, connecting Ovotrack to their grading machine is one of the most essential items. However, several details need to be observed before this connection can be made successfully.

The added value for traceability is obvious, but there are many other benefits, too. This connection can be made in different ways. The best option for you is determined by the type of grading machine used and the specific requirements of your local market. In this news item, as well as in future editions, we will zoom in on the different aspects of grader communication.

Faster, more accurate grading and billing
Many of our customers connect Ovotrack to their grading machines in order to import grading results automatically. Any Moba Omnia or Forta, any Sanovo Ardenta, OptiGrader or GraderPro or any Diamond grading machine with DC update can be connected to Ovotrack. At the loader, Ovotrack will create a new batch in the grading machine by scanning a farm label. All information added at receive is available for sending to the grading machine. This can include farm name, egg type and quantity, date of lay and certification. Some customers only create batches for different suppliers, but a growing number of customers are creating batches for each individual pallet. The batch can be manually activated at the loader. However, this is increasingly done automatically with the Ovotrack ECI tag or the Sanovo RFID egg. After grading, results are reported with the same batch ID. These results are imported in the Ovotrack database immediately and results can then be grouped together per farm, per house, per week or per egg type. They can be exported to Ovotrack Egg Balancing or to any other application, such as Excel, a farm management system or an ERP application.

The main benefits of this Ovotrack feature are time saving - as there is no need to manually sort and group grading results - as well as more accurate farm bills. Furthermore, Ovotrack uses grading results to help you improve the grading process. This is done by forecasting graded products that can be made from next week’s run of eggs from the same farm. Last but not least, accurate grading results have proven to be a big help in farm management and egg quality improvement.

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