Case study: Poringer tracks colored and graded eggs

Case study: Poringer tracks colored and graded eggs

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Austrian egg grading center Poringer was one of the first Ovotrack customers. Poringer began using Ovotrack in 2004. So this year Poringer and Ovotrack are celebrating 15 years of partnership. Traceability and food safety standards in Austria are very high. The Austrian organization AMA guarantees egg traceability throughout the country. All information on eggs received from farms and eggs shipped to customers must be uploaded into a national database that AMA uses to perform checks and offer traceability to consumers.

Poringer uploads traceability information from Ovotrack directly into the AMA database, which saves them a great deal of manual work. In 2014, Poringer bought a new Moba Omnia grading machine with a MR50 depalletizing robot. The Ovotrack solution was moved over to the new grader and Poringer began using the Ovotrack ECI solution for automatic batch changes. Operators scan each pallet label and then fix an ECI tag to the top corner of the pallet. ECI tags are read by a fixed scanner on the loader, which activates a batch change on the Moba Omnia.

Poringer was the first Ovotrack user to start sending production orders straight from Ovotrack to the grading machine, ensuring all order details are available in the grading machine and the number of labels printed matches the order.

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“We are very happy with the Ovotrack partnership and the Ovotrack solutions that we use in our egg processing plants.”

Austria has a sizeable market for colored eggs and Poringer operates one of the largest egg coloring plants in Austria, possibly even in the world. Poringer also uses Ovotrack at this plant.

“Traceability of colored eggs is as important as traceability of all the other eggs we sell and process”, says CEO Alexandra Furthner-Poringer. “We need to know which eggs are processed on each coloring machine, and which customers they are sent to. Therefore, we scan every pallet we process, register date and time and coloring machine, and label each case of colored eggs with a unique ID and barcode. At dispatch, we scan the barcodes of each case when we load them for shipping to our customers. We have asked Ovotrack to connect the printer used for printing consumer products so that we can be 100% sure that the batch number and the best-before date on the packages is the same as that printed on the case label and picklist. All in all, we are very happy with the Ovotrack partnership and the Ovotrack solutions that we use in our egg processing plants.”

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Poringer recently replaced their PC’s with Ovotrack industrial Windows 10 PC’s.

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