Case study: Live with Ovotrack within 2 months? D.A. Hall did it!

Case study: Live with Ovotrack within 2 months? D.A. Hall did it!

Thanks to great teamwork by people from D.A. Hall and Ovotrack, D.A. Hall started working with the Ovotrack system within two months after signing the contract. Miguel Abadia Sabel, the customers support specialist from Ovotrack who was leading the installation and implementation at D.A. Hall in the last week of August explains why this was possible in such a short time: ''we agreed on the project plan within a week and we have had bi-weekly conference calls to discuss the progress on both ends. Especially the cooperation between the IT-department of D.A. Hall and my software development colleagues was important because they had to build the interface between Ovotrack and the ERP system at D.A. Hall. That was done in only a couple of weeks so at the time we arrived on site, the database was ready and the majority of the hardware preparations were done as well. That gave us a kick start."

“Automation and data are key elements in our process and Ovotrack helps us with both”

D.A. Hall is one of the biggest egg producers in Australia and is grading different types of eggs with an Omnia FT 500 grading machine with a combi loader and a high degree of automation.  For the next step in traceability and inventory control D.A. Hall invested in an Ovotrack solution to automate the data collection of receiving and loading eggs on the grader, including ECI for automatic batch changes, synchronization of the grading results and sending production plans to the Omnia grading machine. Don Trefz, General Manager Supply Chain at D.A. Hall: "We are happy with the solution and with the partnership. We are constantly working on improving the quality and efficiency of our operation. Automation and data are key elements in that process and Ovotrack helps us with both. We found Job and his team very professional and clear with expectations required by each person involved with the integration. And it's a bonus that we went live so fast."

During the installation visit D.A. Hall also decided to add Ovotrack Egg quality with a connection to their Nabel DET6000 so that the results of the egg quality checks for all ungraded eggs are stored in the Ovotrack database and available for further reporting.

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