Van sales scanning: bringing traceability to the work floor

Van sales scanning: bringing traceability to the work floor

Belview Eggs van sales

Dermot Herlihy, owner of Belview Eggs, is Ovotrack customer from the early days and uses Ovotrack since 2006. By then almost all eggs were delivered directly into shops by Belview's own delivery van drivers. The company has grown year over year and an increasing part of the business is now delivered to depots and distribution centers. But the van drivers are still there. The van drivers all have a handheld or pocket PC which they use to register the deliveries and sales of the eggs delivered. But they also scan the unique Ovotrack barcode on each and every case, thus extending Belview's traceability to the shop floor. As soon as the van drivers arrive back home at Belview Eggs the handhelds are synchronized and the Ovotrack database is updated.

The connection between the van sales software and Ovotrack takes care of synchronizing products codes and customer data.

Rachel Johnson, General manager at Belview eggs, explains: "We are using what we call the shop report: a list of all cases shipped in a certain period with the date of grading, the name of the shop as well as the farmer's name all on one line. And that's all we need to answer all questions."

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