Work efficiently ‘Receive graded’

Work more efficiently using ‘Receive Graded’

Ontvangst gesorteerde eieren Receive Graded eggs

The increasing demand for special types of eggs has ensured that many egg-packing centres are having to purchase already graded and packed eggs from other egg-packing centres. Once the graded eggs have been received, the traceability has to be established, and in addition, these eggs must be assigned the same labels as the other graded eggs.

This was already carried out at Ovotrack using Repack, but our new module, Receive Graded, optimises and streamlines this process, making it possible for you to include third-party products seamlessly in your own traceability and inventory management system. This module can also be used to link the supplier tracking codes. In the event of a recall, this means that you can also provide the supplier with the right information.

If you are already using Ovotrack Receive software, you can simply use your existing hardware for this new software module.

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Would you like to include third-party products in your own traceability and inventory system? If so, opt for Receive graded!

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