Ovotrack company event 2019

Ovotrack company event

Ovotrack company event 6

Usually, the Ovotrack team is always available for support questions. However, once a year the Ovotrack team goes on a surprise trip. This year we had a day packed with different activities. About the first activity we cannot say that much, as it is a secret project we have been working on the past few months. You will probably hear from it sometime this year!

After our secret activity we went to the Grebbelinie, a military heritage site, for a presentation about PowerBi, a tool used for visualizing data. We are always looking for ways to improve our reporting ability within Ovotrack, and PowerBi could be useful for that.

After a nice lunch amidst the old trenches and bunkers we went to the third and most exciting activity; go-carting. Like during the BlueStar and Honeywell ice carting event, our marketing and sales manager Raul finished first. Which wasn't really a surprise to us all. The colleagues who could not win at go-carting were offered another shot at winning during some games of pool. We ended the day with a nice table grilling dinner.