MPS Egg Farms on schedule with roll-out Ovotrack

MPS Egg Farms North Manchester

With a kick off meeting and site check at their egg processing plant in Loda IL, MPS Egg Farms started the implementation of Ovotrack in March last year. A few weeks later, the project plan got finalized and a technical drawing with the requirements for the infrastructure for power and data was submitted. The first visit of an Ovotrack installation team took place in Loda in April. Meanwhile the integration specialists started building the synchronization between Aeros and Ovotrack. Just before the summer, the same procedure started for the 3 plants in Indiana. During summer, the Loda plant went live first with the Indiana plants following one after the other in the second half of 2023. Adam Jones ‘Ovotrack Champion’ at MPS Egg Farms, is happy with the project so far. 

"We have weekly Teams meetings with the Ovotrack project team and folks from MPS where we discuss the progress and address issues. Like any other project, you have to take some hurdles, but it has been a pleasure working with the Ovotrack team and we are actually up and running at all plants in Illinois and Indiana right now, with real time inventory control for dry material and finished goods, uniform pallet labelling across all plants and scanning out pallets against automatically printed picklists that come straight out of Aeros."

Mark Casper, general manager at MPS Egg Farm

Mark Casper, is also happy with the progress: "We have now started the implementation of Ovotrack at Feather Crest in Texas and Country Charm in Georgia.’ On the new FDA regulation, Mark adds: ‘Inventory control and digitalization of our process was our main goal when we started this, but we feel lucky that we are also sorted for the FDA Traceability Rules." 

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