K. Fresh & Elliott Eggs link Ovotrack databases

K. Fresh & Elliott Eggs link Ovotrack databases


Both companies cater to their own customers with a combined portfolio, offering products from both sites. This results in a large amount of graded product traffic between the two companies, as well as a substantial amount of paperwork. Recently, K. Fresh and Elliott decided they wanted to start running all products at both locations. Their respective grading stations were to be used as a backup in emergencies, for example closure of a grading plant due to a nearby outbreak of AI. What’s more, K.Fresh has also started to produce free-range eggs. As a result, the need to use similar product codes and have insight in stock positions at both locations was increasing daily.

Real-time, up to date insight at both locations

To streamline the entire process, K. Fresh and Elliott Eggs implemented the complete Ovotrack solution at their respective grading stations and recently connected their Ovotrack systems using SQL Replication. This functionality ensures that specified data, such as ‘all products received’, ‘all products created’ and ‘all products dispatched’, is synchronized at both locations. Now, both companies have a real-time, up to date insight in the stock position of ungraded eggs, packaging material and graded eggs at either site. Evenly imported is the fact that all unique case barcodes can now be used at both locations. Cases originally produced at K. Fresh can be scanned at dispatch at Elliott Eggs, and vice versa.

Mark Elliott, packing station manager at both locations, is delighted with the improvements: “In the past, the two locations had to be in constant communication. A great deal of manual stock counting was required, too. We have now almost completely dispensed with that. Furthermore, paperwork used to get lost. Now, we just scan goods in and out at both sites. I like the fact that traceability is now completely automated. It doesn’t matter who shipped a pallet originally produced at Elliott’s: traceability information including all producers and dates-of-lay on the pallets can be found in both databases.”

Next step: interfacing with invoicing

Chris Kirkwood, owner of K. Fresh, says: “The Ovotrack system is working extremely well for our organization. Now, I would like to connect it to the Sage software we use for invoicing. I’d like to have delivery dockets from Ovotrack go straight to Sage to create invoices. That will do away with time-consuming data entry and the related potential for errors!”

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