Calculate your Return on Investment and see what you can save by using Ovotrack

Calculate your Return on Investment and see what you can save by using Ovotrack

Calculate your ROI with Ovotrack

Investing in a solution that automates and optimizes your process can be hard, because a lot of times there is no clear picture of the actual return on your investment beforehand. By using more than 15 years of experience and expertise in our team and help from our customers, we managed to create a calculation which shows you what your estimated return on investment will be.

The ROI calculation is built up so it shows you the savings per Ovotrack module or functionality. For example, when you use Ovotrack Receive and Loader, you will have accurate information on your stock and save time on manual counting. Because your personnel do not have to manually count anymore, you save money in terms of wages. It might not be a lot of actual savings per day, but in a years’ time it adds up.

Ovotrack is modular, some customers use Ovotrack only for inventory management while others use Ovotrack for labelling their outer cases. Whatever module you require from Ovotrack, there are cost savings that come with it. Let’s take the End of Lane module (used for automatic labelling) as an example. Manually labelling outer cases is quite prone to human error. Also, organizing to pre-label cases is time consuming: collecting the cases, printing the labels, instructing the operators, etc. takes time. Ovotrack’s End of Lane module automates printing- and changing of the label. The operators can easily print a label at the End of Lane label printer on the end of the line, each time they need one.

Another example would be the unfortunate occurrence of a recall action. These recalls can be quite time consuming and expensive because of all the waste. With Ovotrack, every step in the process is automatically tracked, which means that the specific recalled batches of eggs can be recalled quickly and easily. By swiftly creating reports in Ovotrack, you know exactly where the eggs went and where to retrieve them. Furthermore, because you get detailed batch information from the farm and after grading, you only have to retrieve the faulty batches instead of the whole shipment. Moreover, a mock recall during an internal or external audit takes only 15 minutes max. with Ovotrack.

There are more ways to save money with Ovotrack than stated in this article. Would you like to make an appointment with our sales team to get a return on investment calculation suited to your business? Send us a message through our chat function on our website or give us a call by dialing +31 343 453 416. You can also send an e-mail to or, our sales managers.