Introduction: Ovotrack 4 and Ovocloud

Introduction: Ovotrack 4 and Ovocloud

With our proven technology, Ovotrack is global market leader in traceability systems for the egg industry. To date, more than 100 Ovotrack Solutions have been successfully implemented at egg grading and processing centers worldwide. The existing Ovotrack 3 Solution has proven to be the best solution for egg traceability, inventory management and labeling, however the market becomes more challenging every day. Egg graders and processors experience an increasing number of audits, more recalls, higher retailer demands and shorter order lead time. Meanwhile, technology keeps evolving at a quicker pace, especially in IT, and requirements for web-based solutions and connections with external sources increase.

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Ovotrack 4
We acknowledged these challenges and with our drive for continuous improvement, and customer value as our key and leading factor, this has resulted in the development of Ovotrack 4. With Ovotrack 4 we have not only improved the existing features and benefits, but also offer the latest technology, and best user experience. With this modern technology our solution is platform independent, meaning it can be used on any pc, tablet or smartphone, and you can have multiple sessions active on a single device. The user management will be more advanced so it not only allows you to personalize your user accounts, but also grant authorization on detailed level, logging and provide you with usage analytics. The design of the Ovotrack 4 user interface makes it easier to work with the software for all types of users in the complete process. Furthermore, Ovotrack 4 will offer features that support the grader planning. Thanks to the Web Technology, software updates are centralized and you can have remote access and support without interference with the user operation. You have insight in your real-time management information, anytime, any day, any place. Ovotrack 4 also gives you the possibility to link to external sources through API, it gives you easy and secure access when you are not in the plant and live reporting on traceability, grading/breaking results and your inventory.

Migrating from Ovotrack 3 to Ovotrack 4, with the Strangler Pattern
To assure a smooth transition from Ovotrack 3 to Ovotrack 4, without downtime and using the existing database, we follow the Strangler Pattern. This means that Ovotrack 3 will be migrated into Ovotrack 4, replacing existing functionalities with the new applications and services step by step. For example you can keep using the Ovotrack 3 Loader functionalities while experiencing all the benefits of the improved Ovotrack 4 End of Lane module. During this process Ovotrack 4 runs parallel to your Ovotrack 3 Solution until Ovotrack 4 replaces it completely. You will be able to experience all the improved/new features and benefits without much interference or risk.

Migrating from Ovotrack 3 to Ovotrack 4

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With Ovocloud we have taken connectivity and dashboarding to the next level. It’s the optimal solution if you want to manage multiple locations and allow access, manage and provide insights to 3rd parties. Ovocloud enables you to access and share detailed information in a secure, cloud based environment from any laptop or mobile device. This remote 24/7 visibility into your information helps you to stay in control of your business, maximize your productivity and profitability. You can do live reporting on multiple locations on traceability, your grading/breaking results and inventory. Besides it offers you the option to check your historical data to help you do your forecasting and spot trends.

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