Farmlay Scotland

"it saves us one worker at the loader and 80% of the workload we previously had for sorting out grading results and making farm bills. On top of that we have a real-time accurate inventory of ungraded eggs. And we no longer loose dates because we are now grading each pallet as a separate batch at its own date of lay. We're happy with it".


Robert Chapman, Farmlay Eggs – Scotland

Oskaloosa Food Products

"The implementation was delayed for a short period of time by Covid-19 but Brad is happy with the way the project was handled: ‘Brandon from Ovotrack is from Iowa so we had timely on-site implementation and support. The weekly project meetings with Sage and the Ovotrack team from Europe were done by Teams which also worked very well. All in all, we’re happy with the current setup and we are looking forward to the next steps as it is our intention to implement other parts of Ovotrack as well."

Brad Hodges, Oskaloosa Foods Products – USA

D.A. Hall & Ovotrack
Automation and data are key elements in our process and Ovotrack helps us with both. We are happy with the solution and with the partnership. We are constantly working on improving the quality and efficiency of our operation. Automation and data are key elements in that process and Ovotrack helps us with both.

Don Trefz, D.A. Hall & Co. – Australia

Zeagold New Zealand
Transparency and traceability is vital both for our company and for our customers. Transparency and traceability is vital both for our company and for our customers. The integration of the Ovotrack loader scanning and case labelling with our Moba Omnia grading machine is a logical addition to our egg processing plant.

Michael Guthrie, Zeagold Foods  – New Zealand

Star Egg Canada
You can sense that Ovotrack was founded in an egg grading centre, they understand our needs. Traceability is important for us, for our farmers and our customers. With the amount of eggs and different batches we process, we need an automated solution to keep track of all these eggs and the packaging material. To optimize traceability, the Ovotrack system is connected to our invoicing system. This means that customer orders entered into our system appear in Ovotrack without manual handling.

Shawn Harman, Star Egg – Canada

Wilcox Farms
Ovotrack helps us save costs whilst we improve our processes. We like working with the Ovotrack team; their experience with egg grading and egg processing, their knowledge of communication with different types of graders and general understanding of our business makes things easier.

Andy Wilcox, Wilcox Family Farms – USA

Poringer Frish Ei
We are very happy with the partnership and the Ovotrack solutions that we use in our egg processing plants. Poringer operates one of the largest egg coloring plants in Austria: "we need to know which eggs are processed on each coloring machine, and which customers they are sent to. Therefore, we scan every pallet we process and register its date, time and coloring machine. Finally, we label each case of colored eggs with a unique ID and barcode.

Alexandra Furthner-Poringer, Poringer – Austria

K. Fresh Logo Elliotts Logo

I like the fact that traceability is now completely automated. In the past, the two locations had to be in constant communication. A great deal of manual stock counting was required, too. We have now almost completely dispensed with that. Furthermore, paperwork used to get lost. Now, we just scan goods in and out at both sites. I like the fact that traceability is now completely automated.

Mark Elliott, K. Fresh & Elliott Eggs – United Kingdom

Nuova Coccodi Italy
We are producing a huge amount of different products and we have a lot of automation to help us with that. That makes it very difficult to get each product labelled correctly and to also keep track of which eggs are in each box. But with Ovotrack we can.

Angelo Pellizzoni, Nuova Coccodi Srl – Italy

Chippendale Foods

We want to inform our farmers about the grading results very soon, if possible the day after we collected the eggs. Because Ovotrack is connected to our producer web portal we can manage that.

Peter Chignell, Chippendale Foods – United Kingdom

Mid-States Specialty Eggs logo

Ovotrack was the only company that was not afraid to connect their system to our existing invoicing system. The Ovotrack support department is outstanding and supportive. They’re more of a partner than a vendor. Because they only serve the egg industry, most changes that we require are of interest to them, as these could be useful to some of their other customers as well.

Marion Hostetler, Mid-States Specialty Eggs – USA

Wulro & DEPS
We want to keep our process as efficient as possible, therefore we invest extensively in automation. We process eggs from different suppliers and our customers each have different requirements for the products we make for them. For every delivery, we know which eggs have been used, when they were processed and what ingredients were added to prepare the final product.

Marcel Wulms, Wulro & Deps – the Netherlands

Belview Eggs

We are delivering eggs direct into the shop. And I want to have the highest possible level of traceability whilst using the latest technology to also reduce manual paper work. That’s why we use handhelds for our salesman / van drivers to scan the Ovotrack labels during delivery.

Dermot Herlihy, Belview Eggs – Ireland

Gebroeders Van Beek

One man has to feed three grading machine and we do need correct grading results. That’s why we introduced Ovotrack in our operation. Ovotrack takes care of the information flow from receiving eggs until grading them. By doing that we also get up-to-date stock position of ungraded eggs.

Ronald van Beek, Gebr. Van Beek – the Netherlands

Hosberg AG

As we are grading only organics eggs the flock size of our farmers is very low. As a result we grade a lot of batches of eggs each day. In fact each case of 360 eggs is a different batch. And with Ovotrack we follow these batches until delivery to the retailer.

Jonas Reinhard, Hosberg AG – Switzerland

Giroux's Poultry Farm Inc.


"we are printing a lot of case labels, close to 50.000 a week on average. We used to do that in a corner of the building and then either bring the labels to each packing lane or pre-label cases before packing. Not anymore, with the Ovotrack solution we only print the labels that we need, when we need them and where we need them."

George Caswell, Giroux's Poultry– USA